Edis Street, NW1

We’ve just completed a 5000 sq foot renovation with Bonchurch, who have been faultless in their execution and attitude. Hard working, highly skilled and considerate to those around us, their quality of workman ship and that of their sub contractors is the highest that I’ve seen. Their attitude is to do the job to the best possible standard that they can. At snagging stage I spotted three or four small cracks in the paintwork caused by new build movement. They noted many more. If you miss an imperfection they will spot it and correct it. Sam and his team’s attitude was exemplary.

Just before Christmas last year, our site was burgled in a very professional way and most of Bonchurch’s tools were stolen. I found out only because my neighbours told me. Bonchurch considered it their problem and not mine. Not a working day was lost or a whinge heard. Now the house is finished, I’ve had my neighbours – who’ve had to put up with builders for a year – praising Bonchurch for their consideration and cleanliness. One came over to say she’d had builders all around her for the last 5 years and Bonchurch were in a considerate class of their own. One hears so many stories of people falling out with their builders and neighbours. With Bonchurch, such things seem impossible.

Thanks Sam, Martin, Lawrence and Helen and everyone else for making this experience so effortless. Oh – and Bonchurch came in on budget!